Writing in Latex is a challenge. Regardless of your experience, once will end up lurking in TexExchange over and over.

This is a compilation of commands I find useful and repeat in my papers. My students requested a more order transmission of such knowledge, and here it is.

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In-line Comment Text

I used the following to add styled source code comments in my text:

...\commentEx{Your in-body comment}

You can see its use in this paper.

More colours here.

Highlight Boxes

The easiest is to use tcolorbox and the environment \begin{tcolorbox}.

Every semester, I get the same question from my students: “Will the assignment be easy?”. Many Professors get annoyed at this question. I have heard many comments along the lines of “When will the lazy students put on some effort? I’m not going to make it easy for them!”.

And when the students ask, Professors remember the assignment they crafted, and often say: “It will be easy if you study”. I have a different point of view -even when students study, in many cases, the assignments will still be challenging. So when they ask me, I tell them “No, it…

Dr Melina Vidoni

PhD on Software Engineering. Academic at RMIT University. (Australia). Soft Eng, Agile, TechDebt. Operational Research enthusiast. Assoc Editor for rOpenSci.

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